A Choice (lisamcmann)

Every night Elizabeth Nadine Karr is given a choice. Choose correctly and she lives another night, choose incorrectly and she dies. So far she's been able to evade death but fourteen years isn't that much compared to a life time of cursed sleep. :Written for NYC Lisa McMann Contest + top 10:
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Interesting. I would love to see more. Possibly a novel version of this. I'm so wrapped around the Ida that you had. Great job, love the story!
Ninja! This is awesome! :) I love it.. Best of luck to you, and congratulations!
There is a list of the top ten finalists on lisamcmann's blog :) Congrats. this is a really interesting concept.
Wow this is wonderful! And Congrats on being one of the ten finalists! Wish the best for you :)

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