The Story of Two.

Michelle and Jamie were childhood sweethearts. But then she finds out something horrific. With no remorse from Jamie, Michelle realizes that she has no other choice but to leave him. There is only one problem. She's pregnant.
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Oh girl, you should've already had his sh!t on the street and the locks changed, not trying to stay with him
Then your pathetic ass should've divorced her and you have the nerve to call her pathetic and weak when it's you're no good punkass
I liked it:) it had parallel phrase and repetition. It shows how upset she is to have lost everything including what she gave up for him.
Don't take offensive to this at all because it just might be me. But the repetition of "slowly I..." Was really annoying to the point that I was cringing.
I only read the first paragraph of Jamie's P.O.V and I already hate his guts. Can't help but keep reading though.
Ahhh this is such a great story!!!! You are a great author!!! My heart is hurting from how good this was just ahhhhh I can't even handle it.

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