The Story of Two.

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Elizabeth Dadelik By dadelik Completed
Michelle and Jamie were childhood sweethearts. But then she finds out something horrific. With no remorse from Jamie,  Michelle realizes that she has no other choice but to leave him. There is only one problem. She's pregnant.
Pack my stuff up: Check
                                    Dump his stuff into the streets: Check
What are the chances that I'm reading this and the song playing on my playlist is Sara Beraille's Gravity? So apt for this chapter.
never knew you love her till you let her go! second time reading this book, its really great
no, no don't do that darling, he already has no respect for you
                                    the least you could do is have some for yourself
and so instead of walking away with your head held high and you dignity intact, you decided to become a common whore of a man
                                    okay, I got ya
You brought this onto yourself. So basically your damn fault.