The Story of Two.

Michelle and Jamie were childhood sweethearts. But then she finds out something horrific. With no remorse from Jamie, Michelle realizes that she has no other choice but to leave him. There is only one problem. She's pregnant.
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Ahhh this is such a great story!!!! You are a great author!!! My heart is hurting from how good this was just ahhhhh I can't even handle it.
Great beginning, I was so captured by it I can't wait to move on...which I will.. starting now :D
Jerk had it coming what did he think that she would be waiting for him after the way he treated her. I\'m glad she left him.
Wow he deserves that.  Just started reading this and it is turning out pretty interesting
This is another best story of yours...
I completely and utterly love it....u have an excellent way of writing and expressing urself.
This is an one great book
I loved that example about moving the feel inches!
I think it's totally ingenius, and really helped me understand how he realised what was off about the house.

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