A New Kind of Drunk (BoyxBoy)

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balthierlover21 By balthierlover21 Updated 2 years ago
How could someone love again after a horrible relationship? This question is what Ginn has always thought about after his gruesome relationship with Nate, his former boyfriend. But somehow and someway, this awesome guy pops in and makes Ginn wonder if he can actually have another relationship again. But Ginn's bitter attitude and incapability to see what's good for him makes things way tougher in his life. At this point, things get crazy.
nicolelovesray nicolelovesray 4 months ago
So weird but when u described Ginn I saw the guy u had posted looked nothing like what u described lol so I found this guy, and I thought he was pretty cute and all and thought I would share it...:) 
greenforesthero greenforesthero 2 years ago

This seems like it's going to be really good. I cain't wait to read the next chapter.
JackieBeast JackieBeast 3 years ago
It's so cute that you blushed! :D You are the most adorablest, nicest, most lovely butted person here! (Did you blush? Cause you like it like that!)
JackieBeast JackieBeast 3 years ago
I love the story already and I hope Ty can help heal Ginn! XD *Touch* Hi :)
arishikun arishikun 3 years ago
@balthierlover21 RAISE OUR DIDILOS! *butt rapes Nate with DIDILO*
XxDanixX XxDanixX 3 years ago
Please tell me that Grim won't get hurt no more by that neanderthal!! Hopefully someone whoops Nate's A**!!!! Let me know when u upload!! You know i'm still waiting for you to upload on the other ones!! I love ur stories!!