Last Breath

Just after sunset a rickety boat pushes off from the harbor and floats silently into the night. It carries with it a heavy load of bruised, battered and utterly terrified survivors of a lethal plague. A woman traveling with only a young child bundled on her lap, quietly observes and weighs her options. A month ago she was baking cakes and paying bills. A month ago she never would have thought herself capable of killing anyone. Welcome to the rise of Zombie Apocalypse, where you never know what you are capable of doing to survive, down to the very last breath. (Last Breath is a short horror story, by GenXblogger, author of the sci-fi mystery Sixteen. The cover was designed by Wattpad user Youknowitbroit.)
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Is book is really goo I even ha a nightmare about it even though I survived it kinda remind me of the move the happening
An enjoyable read so far, action packed with emotion. The odd typo here and there, but nothing major! I'll be reading the next part a little later :)
I really like this, love the descriptions and how they are getting along in the boat. Going to keep reading.
I love this!! Maybe the boy is dead! That would explain y he can "sleep" threw anything...... Justa guess tho. Upload soon please!
Good start! Hope u continue and the upload comes out really fast! Willdefinatly read! :D
Weird. I just started a zombie book a couple of days ago. Its nothing like your book tho, but you should check mine out. (:

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