Messages (Phan fiction)

Phil starts getting cute, little messages from a secret admirer and gradually feels himself falling more and more in love with the boy. But can you really like someone you've never seen before? And what will happen when Phil finds out the real identity of his admirer?
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No, but we may call a pink a blue, because we see it differently yet we think of it as the same thing
SIR *rolls over on the kitchen counter out of nowhere* WASH THE DISHES U MUDDA ASHOEE
what if his mum mass a youtube channel called amazingmum omG that would be the cutest thing I love Phil's mum
@AwkwardPiplup *backflips the opposite way from Massachusetts* I agree with that.
You sir, *backflips from California to phil, busts through the school window, roll in front of Phil's desk* ARE WRONG
Phil is stunningly beautiful, adorable, unique and God, I could just hug him and hug him. <3

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