Messages (Phan fiction)

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ThinkingTooFast By ThinkingTooFast Completed
Phil starts getting cute, little messages from a secret admirer and gradually feels himself falling more and more in love with the boy. But can you really like someone you've never seen before? And what will happen when Phil finds out the real identity of his admirer?
Sparkleclifford Sparkleclifford 3 days ago
Like I might not exist even like if people die, there were so many possibilities for me to, so why haven't I??
Magic_Muke_ Magic_Muke_ 3 days ago
What.... This is just. Wow.... Like as in everyone doesn't exist and we make them all up... Wow
Sparkleclifford Sparkleclifford 5 days ago
I question if I'm the only one that exists because even if someone says they exist you can be making it up dOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE
Everyone is just like ''AWWW'', but think about it, someone Phil doesn't know is watching him at his school, not to mention  he also has his number.
Emily_E_Everett Emily_E_Everett 6 days ago
Oh. I completely thought it was Dan just cuz of the deep thoughts. But then jet black hair and. Yeah. It's Phil.
Emily_E_Everett Emily_E_Everett 6 days ago
Omfg. You're melting my mind. Like blue is the color of the sky. But what if we all see the sky differently???