His New Toy (boyxboy)

Maxwell Evans is used to being abused by everyone. Why? because he is beautiful with his giant baby like blue eyes and heartbreaking smile, he is a magnet for women...and men. He is always surrounded by girls and has never had one male friend in life, this causes boys to beat him because they think his gay or they want him. Moving to a new school for fresh start he qucikly falls victim to Erick Carter, the schools hottest guy who picks people up just to dump them again. Max finds his first male friend who doesnt know what he is. Erick knows he straight...until he meets Max. Two curious boys and both want to find out what they are....Max soon finds himself in a twisted triangle.
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@basicallykhyle @_Imagineexx that's kind of harsh. I'm pretty sure she/he can do what ever they want. Without your dumb 2 cents. You bully.
I've just realized after finishing reading this book months ago that the cover is from the series Skins(UK) lool love it hahaha
That is not at al what I was thinking. I was thinking if your 17 and your mom still pinches your cheeks then there is a problem
I don't like compliments, they make me feel awkward...not that I get them much anyway.
@TastiiOlive I feel you. I want to be called sexy and "got d@$n woman" not cute and adorable humph
@TastiiOlive aww! i know! i'm just so… lovable! jk... i love you too cuz You love me and… uhm… thanks? un-known person…? key bye...

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