Blackmailing a Marquess

Lady Elizabeth Kincaid is tired of her same expected routine. With her first season quickly approaching and the stress her mother is putting on her for finding a husband, Elizabeth wants nothing more than an escape. Dreaming of an adventure that she knows she will never have, she continues on as always. That is until her "breaking point". When she comes into possession of a very important item belonging to the temperamental Marquess of Queensberry, Nicholas Ravenhurst. Knowing Nicholas must deliver this item, Elizabeth takes her chances and uses it to her advantage. Refusing to give it back unless he takes her along with him, Nicholas has no choice but to drag the Lady along. But the journey isn’t as easy as it seems, with dangers ahead of them neither one would imagine. The possibility of both of them retuning home is becoming slimmer and slimmer.
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Very good! So far it's so interesting that forgo of my sleep so I read your story. :)
It's a beautiful story! :D 
Very intriguing and well versed. Keep up the good work!
i really like the summary and will read and comment later when i have more time.
I realy like it! The way that you write is so smooth and easy to read! :) really like it! :)
AHH!!!!  There's no MORE?! Okay. I will patiently wait for the next chapter.......
@xxshootdinos Um how is this similar to your story? 

This one is really good and has a great beginning. 

@hopelessly_romantic Continue please!!! :)

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