Justin Bieber:The Bad Boy

What happens when 19 year old Raheesa has to babysit bad boy, Justin Bieber's younger siblings!? ATTENTION MAY CONTAIN MATURE SUBJECT MATTER!!!! This story is all fictional and has no relation to reality!
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Does she have a name why does it say you omfg right when I thought I found a good book
WOWWW it's so amazing!!  I can't believe that a imagine can be so interesting and perfect!! <3
0_0 wow it's amazing!!  I don't have anything to explain how perfect is this story!! <3
The readers perspective is all messed up like it says you, indicating the reader, and then it says me, indicating the character....
@riyalongia I don't , i don't , don't know what it is ! But I need that one thing and you've got that , one thing !
Lol the ones correcting her saying that it's than it's actually *then so when you want to correct someone on their spellings please improve yours :)))

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