Accidentally in Love

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Tasha By Tranay21 Completed
Gabrielle McNair and Nick Gregorio have been best friends  from birth and have always had each others backs. When Gabrielle is left at the alter Nick rushes to her aid. After a night filled with hard liquor and crying Gabrielle wakes up the next morning to find herself in bed with Nick. Gabrielle must  now decide if their one night of passion will erase 28 years of friendship or if it will  turn into something more.
howww im so so so so ceazy 
                                    # boy is a liar boy
                                    # felling sad  #felling brocken #felling in love :) :) :) (^^^)
I was reading this when I noticed you're profile pic VIP forever! :3 The story is going amazing! great job!
I'm rereading this cos I'm in despair for a good story with romance! :)
You can tell this book is going to be good from the first sentence
I always think its so cute when childhood friends fall in love~♡
He couldn't say he change his mind way before or in a less humiliating way then leaving the girl at the alter? Smh well at least her best friend is there for her.