I Hate Loving You

Adrian and Luke have been friend sense they were in diapers. But when high school comes and they become two diffrent people they start to seperate. Well is senior year comes thre still the best friend they once were. But what happens when Adrian starts to figure out she loves Luke and always have. Will Melissa ruin them. What will happen? Exspeacilly when they kiss by totaly accident. Will Luke figure it out before things get to late? *Warning* This story includes use of drugs and sexual content i will leave warning for the sexual content if it gets to much stop reading i would really not want you to but i dont want complains
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HOLAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! So yeah I read this, and I like it. So I'm reading more. That okay with you? I'm sure it is! MOVING ON! I'll be back!!!
Just read chappie one! And I love their besties realation ship, she's in loovee with him! I will try to read chappie 2 tonight or tomorrow.
@Superman_Fanatic Great x) (I don't mean 2 be pushy...just helping u out in my twisted way...) :3
@Superman_Fanatic Agreed! Btw, u did not describe how they look...it will help the readers imagine them..just a tip!
@Superman_Fanatic OOOhlalal! Hot guys alert! She is soooo lucky!! Lol! xD
Btw, thank u for the dedication!
He is soooo jealous!
Haha, I love Adrian..she is so funny!
an Mike...*giggles*
I love this can't w8 4 more
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