Why Do You Love Me? (A Diggy Simmons Story) #UrbanStory

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XPurpleRainDropz By XPurpleRainDropz Updated a year ago
17 and pregnant by a thug thats locked up in jail! will Asia go thru pregnancy alone or will Diggy be home in time?
It wasn't boring but when yoy write, use punctuation like periods, capitalized letters, commas, etc. Everything is just a run-on and that's not good. The story is interesting, but it could use some editing.
I agree.. sorry to say, but maybe edit and spell check a bit. And your story will be good.
I'm sorry. No disrespect meant. But I can't read this. The whole paragraph is just a huge run-on, there's no periods. This story could use some editing and I'd be happy to oblige, but until then, I can't really give you my opinion on it.
NOOO,It wasntt boring.it was funny,amazing,thuggish and flirtable Lol but write more cuz im up to anything u write