Why Do You Love Me? (A Diggy Simmons Story) #UrbanStory

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XPurpleRainDropz By XPurpleRainDropz Updated 8 months ago
17 and pregnant by a thug thats locked up in jail! will Asia go thru pregnancy alone or will Diggy be home in time?
JewelJetsetter_ JewelJetsetter_ 7 months ago
It wasn't boring but when yoy write, use punctuation like periods, capitalized letters, commas, etc. Everything is just a run-on and that's not good. The story is interesting, but it could use some editing.
dominarrry dominarrry a year ago
I agree.. sorry to say, but maybe edit and spell check a bit. And your story will be good.
HerbanLegend HerbanLegend a year ago
I'm sorry. No disrespect meant. But I can't read this. The whole paragraph is just a huge run-on, there's no periods. This story could use some editing and I'd be happy to oblige, but until then, I can't really give you my opinion on it.
xDimplez_Ari xDimplez_Ari 2 years ago
NOOO,It wasntt boring.it was funny,amazing,thuggish and flirtable Lol but write more cuz im up to anything u write