Unbreakable Love and Unforgivable Lies

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Sequel to Royal Blood and One Commitment. Please read before reading this. However you can read this story by itself if you wish.  -------------------------------------------------  Isabella left, she left everything behind, her throne, her commitment and her mate. She never planned on seeing Connor again but this was unavoidable as their are a pair of eyes which haunt her that won't let her move again.  They are her sons eyes, and they mirror his father's.  So the question is can Isabella learn to forgive Connor and can they become the family they were meant to be.  This story will leave you wanting more, it will be full of twists, turns, drama and love.  Expect the unexpected.
if u didn't wanted it why did u had it. Babies are so cute, and u r not even acknowledging him
Now that's just cruel. How could she treat her kid like that! She's almost as bad as Melissa. He's just a baby, he's innocent.
My heart is actually broken right now

And my family has confirmed their suspicions that I am insane
whoah. i used to actually hold respect and admiration for this character's strength and kindness twords even the enemy. now she isent even a shadow of what an amazing character she used to be...
why dosent she just use her calming powers? like she did with the baby on the plane. (talk about foreshadowing)
I'm at school and I started crying everyone is asking if I'm okay, and too be honest I'm not. My heart broke into many pieces right now