Unbreakable Love and Unforgivable Lies

Sequel to Royal Blood and One Commitment. Please read before reading this. However you can read this story by itself if you wish. ------------------------------------------------- Isabella left, she left everything behind, her throne, her commitment and her mate. She never planned on seeing Connor again but this was unavoidable as their are a pair of eyes which haunt her that won't let her move again. They are her sons eyes, and they mirror his father's. So the question is can Isabella learn to forgive Connor and can they become the family they were meant to be. This story will leave you wanting more, it will be full of twists, turns, drama and love. Expect the unexpected.
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i totally agree! why the hell did her dad do that? he just ruined his kids lives!!!!
Annabel never made an appearance in the first book I'm just now realizing. Where was she when the family was all at the table?
Child or not, he still betrayed his mate. He knew Isa had nothing to do with his sister's death but he slept with that skanky hoe anyway
worst story that I've ever read.  Such a tragic and mess and not even a sigle lesson can be found too well.  Just stating the obvious .
Her mate never freaking do anything it's that dam son of bitch she calls her F*CKING FATHER! Dam it! I am so pissed off (royally). SH*T!
Why does Cooper have his own room? Why doesn't Chase just sleep in the same room as the baby? Why is he sharing a room with Is? I'm so confuzzled.

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