I won't be Invisible

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_ClassySwagAttack By _ClassySwagAttack Updated 2 years ago
Gabby is a girl, on her summer before high school. She wants to catch the eye of her brothers best friend. Will she?
Satchmo99 Satchmo99 3 years ago
I thinkmher best friend should be with Arran but she can't because he has a big nosed ugly girlfriend!!!!!!!
Satchmo99 Satchmo99 3 years ago
Hmmm Arran thinks your hot huh? Haha Gabby Henry is hot though I must give that to you...
tajialynn08 tajialynn08 3 years ago
i like it.. very creative but simple. i could visualize the stories images from the words on the page. vocabulary was very well written. i guess at the end of the day the true character somes out. ! (:
Emo_Gal_29 Emo_Gal_29 3 years ago
Awww!! They would make a great couple! I love Henry, i think its cute that he is slow bless <3
roostergirl7 roostergirl7 3 years ago
i love it!!!!!!!!! upload soon!!!!!!  your and amazing author
mistywaters96 mistywaters96 3 years ago
so so arran kinda likes gabby, in my opinion. o_o but that's just my opinion...lol :)