My Library Boy

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Malfoy By Malfoy Completed
What do you do when you can't get a guy out of your head? You don't whinge and cry... you look for him. So, Chloe trys to find her Library Boy. But when she sees him again, will she think she has wasted her time looking for him?
I swear that I thought this was longer! I was looking for the next chapter and cursed the screen when I realised there wasn't! Awesome job!
I fond this a very sweet and adorable short story. :3 You are a talented writer and I think the whole meeting and interaction between Noah and Chloe was cute! I only wish it was a tiny bit longer! :P
Cute guy in a library...nice idea! They're both nice, and so is the start of this story :) Keep it up!
I've always wanted to meet a cute guy in the library. :D This story is so cute. You should write more stories. Honestly, I don't read short stories, but this was amazing :D It's well-written. I love Logan Lerman by the way and Malfoy :)
awwww such a sweet story ^ ^ Love it :3 Make me feel all warm inside lol ^ ^ Your writing is amazing btw :D *voted*
Aww was really cute is it a short story or a chapter? Well written no errors would make a really great first chapter! Please continue!!