My life as a demigod: Push

Part one of the fan fiction "My Life as a Demigod: PUSH" For some reason people have commented on this story saying, "Is this fan fiction?" or "This is total fan fiction not original". I'd just like to clear up that it IS a fan's about characters from Percy Jackson as well as some newly created characters specifically Nico Diangelo and a new girl named Alex. I chose Nico because I feel like he was an awesome character in Riordan's books, but needed a little more depth and recognition. Enjoy!!
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Ok... This is a dude 's perspective right? If he is then why did he call a dude "hot" is he gay or something?
FYI people the reason he's blacking out is because Nico is shadow traveling he just thinks he's blacking out
Hm... Too short... Are you trying to imitate Rick riordan's chapter names? Like the funniness? Fail..
Lol, ur getting really famous Hannah! OH! LOOK! Meh story is on the recommended list beside the story!! Everyone click "Demigod major: Why me?" !!!!
Ermmmm, not to sound dukmb or anything, but who is Hades?? If he's in the Percy Jackson books; I haven't read it yet. (Haha, I'm blushing) 
@iheartnicodiangelook then but I still love it :) I'm going to send the story to you by email that you can name with me :)

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