Hired for Styles

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fanficsforbabes By fanficsforbabes Updated 10 months ago
Arianna Brooks has always been pretty normal, sure she's done a few rebellious things here and there, but who hasn't? When she's hired by Modest! Management to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, her life is changed forever. She's not allowed to be herself anymore; she has to be a picture perfect "girlfriend" all the time. But can she take all the pressure, hate, and judgment for long? More importantly, what happens when the contract is over?
grace_emily_124 grace_emily_124 23 days ago
hey can any of you check out my story 'I HATE YOU' it is a harry styles fan fic. im new so it may not be very good. sorry. but i just want some people to read it.
mirandaajane mirandaajane a month ago
I love reading these because it lets you know that it's not a fake carroty story
MonsterCreation MonsterCreation a month ago
Do you taking a minute to check out my new fanfic "night changes". Please tell me what you think of it!
SarcasmQueen13 SarcasmQueen13 2 months ago
@3r3n3_ Hahaha I am feeling so good right now :D.No problem at all actually i was kinda confused about who copied whom?Whatever it is,what do you think,Is role play more awesome or this? :D
3r3n3_ 3r3n3_ 2 months ago
OMG THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I just read over it and it's the one.  I have wondering about this for literall, no exaggerations, 3 YEARS!!!!!!!!!  YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!'
SarcasmQueen13 SarcasmQueen13 2 months ago
Doesn't it have the same plot as "Role Play [Harry Styles]"?It has even Modest! Management in it!So dudes,who copied whom?