Hired for Styles

Arianna Brooks has always been pretty normal, sure she's done a few rebellious things here and there, but who hasn't? When she's hired by Modest! Management to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, her life is changed forever. She's not allowed to be herself anymore; she has to be a picture perfect "girlfriend" all the time. But can she take all the pressure, hate, and judgment for long? More importantly, what happens when the contract is over?
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Is it just me or did anyone else notice that it ariana brooks would be the name ariana grande would have if her and jai were married?
really an awesome story and plz could u try mine too?
@AmIBeautiful_xx OMG same here. That is so weird that I made the same decision 10 minutes after you did...
the thing i dont understand, lol, if she was such a big one direction fan, then why didnt she recognise louis straight away looool
I'll vote 4 every chapter in this book. PLZ check out my fanfiction Don't Let me Go - Harry Styles
I remember reading this before it was this popular! Original fan! Much love! ~Mia xx <3

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