Hired for Styles

Arianna Brooks has always been pretty normal, sure she's done a few rebellious things here and there, but who hasn't? When she's hired by Modest! Management to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, her life is changed forever. She's not allowed to be herself anymore; she has to be a picture perfect "girlfriend" all the time. But can she take all the pressure, hate, and judgment for long? More importantly, what happens when the contract is over?
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@ContainsButter he didn't write the song for her he wrote the song himself and then let her record it
She didnt seem very excited to meet them but then she called them her idols soooo
I finished this a few months ago, and am now retreading it for like the 3rd time..this week.. I totally think I'm an over-obsessed fan, of this fanfic.
yeah yeah Hazel Grace but remember you're reading a Harry Styles fanfic not some tfios fanfic so move along
I'd fuçking faint if I got backstage passes I mean I'm gonna faint being in the same city as them let alone that
There is also another one like this called role play. Which one came out first  yours of hers because I'm confused?

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