The Deal

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kylekay By kylekay Updated 10 months ago
Adelaide is a farm girl who will do anything to save her family farm. When Paxton West comes to foreclose the home he offers Adelaide a deal she couldn't refuse, her for the farm. Will Adelaide lose her heart in The Deal too?

 © All Rights Reserved. 2013. Cover done by @KellyLM
SunayanaShaikh SunayanaShaikh 5 days ago
so she gets to keep the hotshot and the farm.... and shez still thinking!!! O.O
cupcake-stylinson cupcake-stylinson 6 days ago
dirty blonde hair, green eyes, super pale because I hate the sun
Acutetriangle Acutetriangle 7 days ago
I thought it said your brothers homies and I'm like "Paxton, you really know how to swell a girls heart. save the homies!"
CreamyPie888 CreamyPie888 7 days ago
I know how you feel girl all my Siblings look like my mom but me
VivianSandy VivianSandy 8 days ago
"I need to talk some sense into my kids" hahahahaahha!!!  i so love the father's humor!! 
Fantasia- Fantasia- 8 days ago
I'm 5'7, and I'm only 17. all my friends are taller than me.