Adelaide is a farm girl who will do anything to save her family farm. When Paxton West comes to foreclose the home he offers Adelaide a deal she couldn't refuse, her for the farm. Will Adelaide lose her heart in The Deal too?
     © All Rights Reserved. 2013. Cover done by @KellyLM
hmmm..with all the positive so excited! 1st time reader 
if he is hot then...we will make "the deal" for it. Get it? I know I'm a nerd AND not funny.
He does offer to sell his sister but you know he loves her cause 1.5 million is a lot
yes yes yes. I imagine the guy as Sean O'pry and Taylor Swift as the girl. :)
Short people are more fun and ballzie tbh and in 5'2 just about and people no not to mess with me ****** short power !
@JunkFoodFvck Your Brother Sounds So Cute Tell Him He Has A FanGirl Already