The Deal

Adelaide is a farm girl who will do anything to save her family farm. When Paxton West comes to foreclose the home he offers Adelaide a deal she couldn't refuse, her for the farm. Will Adelaide lose her heart in The Deal too? © All Rights Reserved. 2013. Cover done by @KellyLM
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Oh, ok I think I have to many friends to add you to the list so I'm just gonna make you my sistet
of I said that to my parents they would all be like.... “off u go & never come back until u realize ur mistake "
Goldish hair. Blue/Grey/Green/Gold eyes. It's flippin' annoying having color changing eyes :|
I love how this is in chapter2.. Get straight to it..we all adults go ahead den..
I will be lying if I said I'm here to defend tall people but I am 5'10 1/2  and I use my height to my advantage in everything lolz 
"I do not like this... He's gross, not sexy at all" 
Keep telling yourself that and maybe someone will believe you 

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