The Deal

Adelaide is a farm girl who will do anything to save her family farm. When Paxton West comes to foreclose the home he offers Adelaide a deal she couldn't refuse, her for the farm. Will Adelaide lose her heart in The Deal too? © All Rights Reserved. 2013. Cover done by @KellyLM
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Yeah because this happens in real life. Right along with my goodnight text message that doesn't come.
What a way to save your home. Sell your daughter to a rich man as his wife and your saved. Scary considering she don't like him.
Why is every businessman 29 in every story? Whats wrong with 27 or 28 (I absolutely hate 30 )
@tally2143 yeah doesn't everyone else's chilli shimmer on the stove? Mine goes full on tango, red dress  shimmer
Man im the shortest girl in my grade and mind you people here are just really tall idek why im not so bleh but i totally get what shes saying
how does she have a smartphone when her family is in debt by 1.4 million? like no offense but wtf

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