A Wattpad Love Story

Boys aren't cool if they write love poems, novels, and swoon over girls they like. Or at least, that's the stereotype in today's society. Zaine thinks he's deeply in love with the most popular girl in his whole town, Rachel. How could anyone not be? She's pretty, sexy, and sultry.... with brains the size of a penny. The perfect girl that you can brag about and flaunt to your friends about. Only, Zaine lives the life of a closet romantic. After his friend told him about Wattpad, Zaine is now obsessed with the website. After an altercation with a rude commenting Wattpadder, and several angry private messages, Zaine soon realizes that he has more in common with this person than he realized. The decision is set; brains over looks. Dose Zaine have what it takes to stand on the side that matters the most, propriety or impropriety?
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Psh ignore the haters and finish it!!! I love it so far and I need more!!!! ;) <3
I found this totally by random but you write the male voice so well! It sounds so real
@Anaydena are you back?? like really back?? in a very internet-y non-stalkerish cyber-based way .. we miss you !!! :P
@Anaydena this better be updated like 10x by the time i come back :P haha yes that was a watty threat (A)  <3

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