God Amongst Rats

Cindy was just an average, 16 year old girl, that didn't think she was special at all. That was, until, she met Jacques, the most perfect boy she had ever met. Jacques made her feel pretty, made her feel special. But Jacques has a terrible secret. He's really a vampire, and his parents hate humans. Cindy and Jacques elope, hoping to find a new life together, as Gods amongst Rats. Will they succeed in letting their light shine through? Or will the darkness crush them?
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dis iz lyk so awesom, I lyk totly lyk lurve Jack, he is so awesome! That chivalry gal is a bitch though.
I read the title xpecting some Omg's and lyk oder stuff and dis is wat i get? Same on u...
The metaphor is amazing! Your writing is most certainly professional and that makes me like it more! Voted
@DanGil Well I like writers that trick people and surprised them with something even better.  Its a talent many do not have, me being one of them.
If this is just a glimpse of your writing abilities, I'd be shocked if HoW isn't published. You need to finish this metaphorical rant. :D
this... a prologue? for a vampire story... it doesn't really fit though, does it?

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