Sex Lessons [h.s// fanfic] **EDITING**

***WARNING: OF VIOLENT AND SEXUAL NATURE*** ***THIS BOOK IS UNDER EDITING. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS WHILE READING, THANK YOU** ❝I think violence in a cinematic context can be, if handled in a certain way, very..seductive.❞ I was innocent, way too innocent in a way that allowed people to screw me over. Including the flithy rich pricks that I called my parents. I didn't have any edge or charisma to my walk, and that's something I was told alot. Then there was the troubled boy Harry Styles who stared into your soul, just because he could. Him, he had charisma, and the edge, and everything that I wanted and I wanted him to teach me. Give me intensive, heated lessons. Sex lessons. o r i g i n a l ↬ Watch TRAILER before READING ↫ Credits for trailer: SOCKMONKEY7707 ©Floz__
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Now we're cookin with peanut oil.            (I wanted to say something different than everyone else)
I love my block schedule. Four classes but for 90 minutes. But mainly get like 1 page of homework.
I think I love it when my teachers always so damn happy casue I know I'm gonna die when they mad or pissed off or something
My 5th period teacher is the same but in a mans body. Like bruhh clam your sagging ass tits
Omg omg omg omg my name is Stela!!! I am definitely reading this.I have never been happier in my life:)))))
*shuts door* *locks* *hidden under a blanket with junk food. 

I'm ready. Hit me with your best shot

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