His Greatest Emotion [Druna, Harry Potter]

[COMPLETED] What happens when Draco Malfoy falls in love with Luna Lovegood, but her heart wants to be stolen by someone else?
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OH MY GOODNESS YOUR A HARRY POTTER FAN TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So reading this. I actually ship Druna! :)
You know, I've never actually read a Druna. So this could definitely prove to be interesting. =)

Going to start reading this today. =)
I love this, I couldn't help but vote @LadyLaLa2
(Sorry if I spelt your name wrong....)

It is amazing!!!!
Druna? I seriously am looking forward to this :)

I have never seen one of these before so, YAY :)
Awh, that's really sweet of Luna, to just forgive him even though he could be a pain at times.  Cool chapter! Voted <3
Added to my library <3
Oh wow, a Luna and Draco, that's a first! But you make it seem so natural I love it! Nice start!

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