This is a true story that gives a voice to those who struggle to understand our often cruel world.
I thought it was a little boy who soiled his pants. Not a little doggy... who soiled his kidnappers boot. I feel so sorry for your dog, I hope him and Rosie are ok.
This is a great example of believable personification I love it. YOU ARE A MAGNIFICENT WRITER
That was an awesome story …  didnt realise they were actually dogs till d end!! Glad that u gt Chad back!!
Awe Francis, that was so sweet. I'm glad you got Chad back and a bonus Rosie!! I actually cried!!
oh I thought was you to I am crying so hard right now my mom think I'm crazy, why am I crying?:...
Oh god I was close to tears thinking they were children, but it's still sad and dog fighting is wrong. You are an amazing writer