News Flash! I'm a girl not a guy.

All her life Robin has been seen by everyone as a guy. That is until her mom forces her and her brother to go to an all boy's school that their father attended in his younger years. Now Robin's life reaches a turn for the better when she finds out that there are people who can see that she is a girl. If only some of them were not trying to kill her. . . [CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN!!]
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This is really good I'm just lost on how Kane is only four months older then her.
What, why are they all blushing? It doesn't make a single sense. :/ I'll see if I can find it out later, HOWEVER, i loved it. Nice idea.
@Kenzthestorygirl ^_^ I'm still buffering it and stuff, I don't write as much as I have done, I do more reading =]
This is great. though a little confusing because I have the attention span of a squirrel. lol :) Uploadd.

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