This book is about a 16 year old girl who seems to have a 35 year old admirer. He's been stalking her since she was younger but she had no idea. -This is my first watt pad story and I hope you enjoy it so far ! This I just a draft.
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Technically common sense is to correct, were not trying to b rude, were just trying to help her book be even awesomer
can you please stop correcting her mistakes.....don't be mean....just use your common sense..for gods sake
I get confused at first but when I read the whole story. GHAD! It was so amazing. COMPLETE PACKAGE!Nice story LOOOVED IITT :)
@heartandsoul5 this comment was ages ago if u go back lots of people wer piking mistakes out and critising the book
you could say he was staring straight at me. it makes it sound like he obviously wanted something with her
I like this story, and people need to quit being dicks. :) keep up the good work.

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