This book is about a 16 year old girl who seems to have a 35 year old admirer. He's been stalking her since she was younger but she had no idea. -This is my first watt pad story and I hope you enjoy it so far ! This I just a draft.
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After I read this, I was completely hooked. I wanted to read more and I did and I like your story! :)
Technically common sense is to correct, were not trying to b rude, were just trying to help her book be even awesomer
can you please stop correcting her mistakes.....don't be mean....just use your common sense..for gods sake
I get confused at first but when I read the whole story. GHAD! It was so amazing. COMPLETE PACKAGE!Nice story LOOOVED IITT :)
@heartandsoul5 this comment was ages ago if u go back lots of people wer piking mistakes out and critising the book
i have read most of your story and then I stopped and now I cant wait to read the rest XD

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