Boarding School For Delinquents+ New BFF+ Her hot brothers = The Time of my life

Emily Singh is what you would call a delinquent, she's nice but also a girl who doesn't give a sh*t until you do something involving someone she knows and loves dearly, which landed her at Beaker Boarding School for Delinquents,she meets new people, good and bad and Old friends, she wouldn't care about going to boarding school if it wasn't for the 2 year old Jay and her Aunt Sally and a secret that could put those she loves in danger.
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Why did you end it it was getting reaallllyyy ammazzing if u stop there well u have to just contine it and don't quit
WHY was she speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hahaha. This sounds really good! I am betting that Teady Bear is like, REALLY hot now. hehehehe. Whens the new chappty coming?!? xoxo
she is so tall damn in like halfher hightwell not really but u get the point oh and upload soon
shes 6'8??? thats freaking tall!!!! like a giant n no girl r that tall...u should change her height
i really like this story! i cant wait 2 meet the brothers!!! upload soon and tell me wen u do!? th@nx & TOOTLES!

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