Elemental, Soul Guardians Book 2

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kimmer3d By kimmer3d Updated 2 years ago
When seventeen year-old Kara Nightingale is suddenly struck by lightning and dies—yet again—she finds herself back in Horizon, where angels, oracles and other supernatural beings occupy a mystical world unknown to humanity.
But when Kara accidently strikes an angel with her newfound powers and nearly kills him, she is banished to the angel prison Tartarus. What’s more, Kara soon discovers her mother’s soul has been taken by Demons. 

Hunted by the Legion, Kara takes refuge with a new band of angel friends. She finds herself torn with her feelings for David—when angel romance is forbidden. And when Kara decides to venture into the Netherworld to find her mother’s missing soul, will her powers be enough to save her mother and save the mortal world?
PoisonedCandy PoisonedCandy 21 days ago
It can't be David it can it? Otherwise she would remember him from when he saved her from the bus...
KimberleyPhilipsen KimberleyPhilipsen a month ago
well I am quite bummed about the fact that this is only part of the book. I came here to wattpad to enjoy reading for free not to purchase more books I'll read once and then leave to gather dust in the attic or somewhere...
KayrizMychelReyezRod KayrizMychelReyezRod 8 months ago
I really don't understand the whole lightning part...it goes from chirping birds to dead...
moonflowerfae moonflowerfae 10 months ago
*peeled... Typos can be interesting though--if it's pealed, the white paint rang like a bell? :D
dragonlovee dragonlovee 10 months ago
I'm sorry if I'm killing your creative flow, but if Kara's an Elemental and her mom is a Guardian Angel, and the touch of an elemental kills both angels and demons instantly, then how has she touched her mom and David and neither are dead?
majjjj majjjj a year ago
Hey love this book!!!! Please will you upload horizon on wattpad I really want to read it all