Werewolf Baby

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chloe0703 By chloe0703 Updated 2 years ago
Savannah turns pregnant when she went to a party after the school year finished and now that she's going back she runs into her baby daddy who doesn't even know her name let alone that she's pregnant. She also finds out that the dark haired, green eyed man who got her pregnant has a secret of his own!
kluluk kluluk a month ago
It cold be... Eer, EVERYTHING WENT BLUE!!! (Navy blue coz that is close to black but not black!) ( ^ω^ )
CrazyGirlLovesYou CrazyGirlLovesYou a month ago
Raven and I... 
Raven and I...
Raven and I...
Raven and I...
Indykatt Indykatt 2 months ago
@Bekmonster. " And suddenly potatoes fell from the ceiling..... and then everything went black. "   ;)
Bekmonster Bekmonster 4 months ago
Why is it in every book it's 'everything went black' 

Can't it be original like potatoes started raining from the sky.

Anyway good book!
jade0963 jade0963 6 months ago
The book is good but there are way too many run-on sentences. Try spacing them out and it would flow better.
Cait53 Cait53 8 months ago
It's a little late to tell her to "be safe" don't you think? Haha