The Last Dance

"No." my voice strained. "I want you to tell me--us what's happening to you. And you-" I pointed my finger to Ethan. "Have some explaining to do..." my voice travling to Nathan who stared at the color with an emotionless expression. He has been moody as well..."Nathan do you have something to tell me?" "If I told you, you wouldn't believe me." He muttered moving closer to me as his eyes darken. I stood on my heels crossing my arms around my chest. "If you had some faith in me maybe you can." I protested. As Nathan opened his mouth Ethan cut himself, "Dont." He hissed, "This isn't you talking its the full-moon talking." He brushed against me moving to Nathan. "Come on, she doesn't know what she is..." He whispered everything else in his ear. Nathan agreed sighing as his beautiful grey eyes came back in place. Faye West is the highschool teenager who just so happens meets the Alpha of Wolfsbane. Nathan Pierce wanted to live out his 18th birthday but instead he has to marry a Alpha Female. As soon as he meets Faye he thinks she crazy, edgy, sarcastic, but beautiful and outgoing. And most importantly brave. But their forbidden relationship grow they both find out something terrible and exciting. Was William Shakespeare right about Star-crossed lovers? Can a Witch and a Werewolf fall for eachother? War. Love. Star-crossed. Witch. Wolf.
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I really like this! really creative and great descriptions and the writing flows nicely! :D
Wow; I like this chapter and the pics! I dont proofread either but my teachers said I should -___- anyways! Good
Sounds like a good begining! and i love the music video :) you obviously have an awesome taste in music
Interesting so far, there are a few mistakes though like you said 'Their doctors' that should be 'They're doctors' But great start!
And I am here 24/7 so if that silly human is me then don't hesistate to put me in the story khadra katty pants!!!
I really like this! specially The first chapter for some reason. CARRY ON WRITING :)

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