(ON HOLD) gender bent~ Adventure time!

I bet you've never read another adventure time fanfic like this. I take the actual adventure time episodes, and re-write them Fionna and cake style, making them connect! I also add a few different things that weren't there before, because well- if I didn't, it wouldn't be categorized under "romance". -by the way, this is not a flamona story, or gumxfionna.- (I drew the cover)
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This is so nuts! I love it! But you accidentally said princess bubblegum once, when Fiona was braking her royal promise
This story is awsome lots of potential you should continue it like now please and thank you rock out sighn hahaha
I like it, a lot. It's just that, Fionna wasn't even born when the Simone and Marshall story happened. So... This kind of confusing...
Not just is it a good storyline, but well written. Great job! I will be reading.
That chapter was pretty mathematical! So cool and I can't wait for the next one!
Voted! And I like that u started at the very beginning. I cant wait to read more. :)

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