(Terribly written) genderbent~ Adventure time!

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BRITTANY By Mbrittany Updated 2 years ago
I bet you've never read another adventure time fanfic like this. I take the actual adventure time episodes, and re-write them Fionna and cake style, making them connect! I also add a few different things that weren't there before, because well- if I didn't, it wouldn't be categorized under "romance".  -by the way, this is not a flamona story, or gumxfionna.-                                           (I drew the cover)
This is realllllyyyy well written!! You need to change the title, cause I'm sure some people are missing out! :)
And, the gumball guardians would be girls but I love this a whole lot
This is so nuts! I love it! But you accidentally said princess bubblegum once, when Fiona was braking her royal promise
so? it's a fanfiction. lemme emphasize the "fiction" part. :)
I like it, a lot. It's just that, Fionna wasn't even born when the Simone and Marshall story happened. So... This kind of confusing...
Not just is it a good storyline, but well written. Great job! I will be reading.