I Want To Do Bad Things With You (BoyxBoy)

Drake and Jace have always been best friends, that is until the day that Jace told Drake that he is gay. It is now their senior year and although Drake has everything his always wanted he can’t help but miss the friendship he once shared with Jace. One night at a party something horrible happens that forces Drake and Jace back together. Will they be able to be friends again after all that has happened? And what will happen when girl crazy Drake starts having feelings for Jace?
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@MadeleineCota wouldn't it be obvious if they never hang out or talk about each other anymore?
Wouldn't everyone already suspect something if he wears makeup?!!! I mean, this is a pretty sudden change right? I think they would all notice
i am dying to scream out load in frustration at a charter in a book gosh this is how i felt when i read new moon
i just started reading this story . and let me tell you mate , this story is amazing . i love the first chapter ... :-)
I hope Drake can talk to him soon! I mean seriously what's so bad about being homosexual its not like the person can choose
I love how you started off in Drake's POV.. I feel like that's really unique.  Anyway, I'm enjoying this so far and can't wait to read the rest :)

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