Little Lily - A Hunger Games Fan Fiction (Under Editing)

Her name is Lily. Today is her birthday. Today is the Reaping. Lily Mellark is the daughter of famous Victors, Katniss and Peeta Mellark. She has only one friend in the world: her older brother Caleb. But when her birthday present from the Capitol is to be chosen for the terrible twist in the 100th Hunger Games, her life is about to change dramatically. Locked in the arena with 47 other tributes, among which are her brother and the two people that made her life a misery, Lily must win to get back home. No one thinks she can survive.
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Best book, sad ending. Please update without you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dying here!!!
I would have thought that gale would be teaching snares, not bow and arrow, gale was good with them, but wasn't he like supreme with snares??
um if its the 100th hunger games does that make peeta and katniss42 o.o
damn they are old lol
The girl is supposed to b older than the boy... Read the epilogue I the third book... Oherwise I love it!!!
Soo good :) haha, tho the daughter is suposed to be older:) not that that matters :)
Why were Gale's kid's last names Emment? Gale's last name is Hawthorn.
But this is pretty good.

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