A young girl walking innocently down the beach... When she hears a strange noise. She follows the sound and try to discover where the noise is coming from. A drunk fourteen year old. He duck tapes her mouth and ties her hands and feet. He rapes her and doesn't even know what he's done the next day...
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Oh yeah, I forgot to add: no one even asked for your opinion... So why bother?
Ya, it surprises me how many people cam be so insensitive. I'm gonna follow u as well, because you're actually nice enough to stand up for her
She doesn't need bad feeback, she put it up for us to read, not for us to hate on her. @Kdre4ever can't understand that for some reason
Hey um dude i believe there is a second book to this if you search this there is a book right above this i think that's the sequel i apologize if I'm wrong
Wow 3 pages never made me want to read 50 more books like this before. Life lesson learned never go around a drunk screaming person EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
You Are So Disrespectful ! If You Dont Like THe Story , DONT READ IT , YOU DUMBASS !

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