Love Olympus

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Venus always thought her imaginary friend, Mr. Smirk, would never appear in front of her again when she was seven. When she wakes up one morning to find him bruised up in front of her claiming he's not really her imaginary friend, but her cupid. Things take a drastic turn for the worst as Mr. Smirk has little time to explain his disheveled appearance and why he has come back after ten years of a random hiatus. He quickly begins to tell her who he is and what he has come for. Mr. Smirk comes from the underworld. A place where billions of creature live and do the mediocre jobs for the gods and goddesses. Mr. Smirk is one of the seven billion Cupids assigned to a human. The real Cupid up in Olympus. Every year or so the cupids get a chance to escape their dull life as a Cupid by entering their human in a game called the Love Olympus (Love Games). Sixteen Cupids get lucky while sixteen humans are unfortunate with the task of entering the game. Eight females and eight males are plucked randomly from the world and brought to the underworld to play. The then sixteen are put into teams of two and act like couples through out the games. If the Cupid's human wins they are basically set for the rest of their lifetime. If a Cupid loses they have pay back the amount they would've won for the rest of their life. For the human if they win they simply get to go back to the human world and receive a wish. If the human loses... Well it's their own life they lose along with their loss. As Venus realizes what Mr. Smirk is going on about. She doubts it immediately and tells Mr. Smirk to leave her alone. However, Venus soon realizes in the real world how deadly of a warning it is when entered in the Love Games. You have no choice. As Venus swallows reality she is plunged into a world where hanging onto your sanity is plain entertainment. This is Love Olympus.
**story is good**... Sorry its already 5nish...but I can't sleep... Pardon for the typo error.. 
It's about 7 billion now.. Haha people reproduce veryyyy quickly
For goodness sake, everyone is different! And being different isn't a bad thing!  Do you see people with the same personality everywhere? I hope not.
This book used to be titled "the love games."
                                    It is another version I guess of hunger games and I don't think the author is trying to rip off hunger games but I do love this version
OMG this is like the hunger games but they are not fighting for food
It's like the hunger games but yano, involving cupids and demons and stuff, so not really like THG but yeahhh....,