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Haru! Aizen's Niece. A not so normal girl. She's a bad-ass fighter/ Shinigami/hollow/ leader of the Kannagi clan. She's the only survivor of the Kannagi clan and reals the crimson blade. Not knowing...well pretending like she doesn't know about any of this but she seems to know more than ever. Haru then moves to Kakura town where it all's not her first time being there?...She's been there long before but her memories are all mixed up in her powers...Then she meets Ichigo, Rukia, and the rest of them...but it's not her first time meeting them?...Not at all...This girl knew who the Soul society people were?...She just lost most of her memories in her powers?...Will she ever get them back?...Will her love for Ichigo come back?...What if she starts liking his hollow?....Who knows...So much drama is about to happen....will you be there to find on!
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I can't seem to get into your Fanfiction. It seems so vague. Like you start reading and u already know what's bout to happen.

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