Mortal Enemies- Larry Stylinson

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Ivana By IvanaStyles Updated a year ago
*Only Book* [WARNING: Actions of self-harm and suicide are going to be present.]   Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, band members from One Direction, are a gay couple. People hate and people Love them. They start All lovely and sweet but that will change. Harry and Louis fight and both of them feel sad, stressed and weak. They start to feel hate for each other until they can't be together anymore. What will happen with Larry Stylinson? Will they break up or will be together forever? And the band, will be ok? Deaths and sadness will wait in this story, A Sad Story Of Larry Stylinson.  ©Copyright 2013, IvanaStyles
Omg 2013... Wow. This is an old story. And wow. If only she knew what HARRY and Louis looked like 2015 :')
This is the best thing I've read all day xD
                                    So much sass Darcy
Ahh! I wish I could just read the whole book right now!! Eep! :)
                                    -Emma xx
I'm interested to see how they go from having a kid to mortal enemies... and kind of sad, as well. Love it. <3