Pelliccia (Book1) (2011 Sci-fi Watty Awards Winner)

Sara Saxton is an average 16 year old girl. Until she is diagnosed with cancer. All she wants is to get healthy and live a normal life, so when an opportunity seemingly offers her the chance, she takes it. Unfortunately she doesn't get both and her life changes in a way she could have never imagined. Now she must fight for her normal life and her freedom, but will it ever be possible to get it? Cover by @TheOnlyHope4MeIsYou
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I am trying to write a story for my little sister is it possible that you could help me with it
this seems like it is shaping up to be a great story from the get go! great job!
incredible work! But igloos? in Canada? Anyways, I really enjoyed reading this! Awesome!
Like the story, not liking the lack of punctuation and grammar editing.  It distracts from the story.
at least the girl has good taste in books am also in total agreement with tigers921
If you Havent read the MAximum Ride series by James Patterson you should they are great. They are about geneticly engineered kids.

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