Forever and a Day

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volleyball15 By volleyball15 Updated a year ago
Everything is finally perfect. Makensie is back with the Cimorelli family and everything is right with the family, but when another tragic event happens and Makensie has even mo obstacles to face. Will anyone ever have their happy ending?
MeganJackson3 MeganJackson3 2 years ago
OMG. Ive read all the parts of this story from start to this and they are awesome :) keep them going
minnie4eva1 minnie4eva1 2 years ago
oh kay xx you are the best writer eva!!!!!! please update whenever i read a sad part to your story i literally cry!! lolz
fa8mos fa8mos 2 years ago
OMC (oh my cim) WHAT!!! NO pour Makensie! Please don't ever stop writing about her and SAVE HER LIFE!!! BTW Love the story
minnie4eva1 minnie4eva1 2 years ago
So if this is before cimorelli orphan, how do they know each other
Not being mean, just confused 
Lu xxx