We're Not Dead Yet. [ Sucker Punch Fan Fiction]

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DancingMoonlight3 By DancingMoonlight3 Updated 2 years ago
Candy Eyes, or so she's called, is new to the Lennox house. With her issues with her past and some of the girls in the ward, not to mention that a newly released and more insane Blue Jones is back in charge, her hopes of escaping are slim. That is, until she meets the wild fire that is Shock.
carata711 carata711 3 years ago
sorry for answering so late, i went to bed last night. But anyway this is try good so far i must day. Great details! I love the way your write everything, its very flowing
Nice job, i voted
Sylphine Sylphine 3 years ago
awww! Its so sad that she got given away to that kind of institute.. I like Candy Eyes, because shes pretty strong hence the thought of revenge at the end :) 
I like the title, cover and the concept of the story. I havn't read Sucker Punch yet though :(
I'll read on when I come back! <3