My Possessive Mate

Abused, treated like trash, Serena (Rena) Blackwell flees from her abusive pack. As she barely makes it out, she realizes she's stepped foot into another Alpha's territory. She's taken to see Alpha Damon, only to discover they are meant to be together; mates. However when a vengeful pack reappears, and curses are activated, it brings forth incredible new obstacles for shy and quiet Rena, and possessive and protective Damon. Who will walk out alive? What are the pack curses? Will Rena see past her fears and accept Damon? Read and find out! (I'm not the best with summaries, but give this book a chance, You won't regret it!)
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Hey guys I hate to be that girl but can you please go read my story it's on my page thanks
My brother broke his arm. So I help him. But if he was anything like Rena's brother? If hit his broken arm repeatedly. With a chair.
I can't believe her brother would do that or anyone for that matter that's horrible !

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