The Prophecy (Tales of Velosia - Book 1)

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Gethsemane95 By Gethsemane95 Updated 3 years ago
A prophecy foretold . . . the birth of a messiah must save a world in peril.

Bored with the existence of the very people they’ve given life to; the Velosian Gods have decreed that they must find humility amongst the threat of war. Tasked with delivering a message from the deities that he has always revered, Somers de Fontaine finds himself caught up within an intrigue that was not of his making.

The Scholl and the Denmarden have united against Velosia in hopes of gaining a power that has been spoken of for centuries. One that is said to heal the sick with just a touch and can also open portals to unknown worlds. They covet the thought of embracing such magic that has never been seen. A magic that can also destroy the very world they live in.

Somers’ trepidation grows as he realizes that the Gods were right in their assumptions. A messiah will be born. Word of the Queen’s condition has spread far and wide, causing many to wonder whether the child is truly the savior that it’s been said to be.

He takes it upon himself to protect the life of a child that has yet to be born. A child that is meant to bring prosperity to his world. Yet she also holds the power to destroy. Pledging his loyalty to the King, and to the one who will one day change existence as they knew it, he vows to protect her at all costs. Even if it means sending her to the one place that no one else has ever thought of going to . . . to Earth.