Marrying Mr. Arrogant (TO BE PUBLISHED)

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    "Are you interested in me?" Mitsui suddenly said. 
    I stared back at him. "I am doing this, not because I like you, but because your mom asked me to marry you."
    "Alright. Then, let me just warn you. Don't ever dare fall for me," he arrogantly told me.
    "Don't worry, I never give permanent feelings to a temporary person." I sarcastically said to him, knowing that eventually our marriage will end in divorce.
ang bait ng mga taga summit books, kahit ippapublish na ung mga story okay lang sakanila,hindi ung tulad ng iba na kailangan idlete o magdelete buti nlng may mga gaya nila..
ang lakas maka misleading hahaha. Akala ko rin student siya.
oo nga. Sana gawan na ni author ng english para mabasa din ng taga ibang bansa.
yeah..tnx sa pagbigay ng tamang pagbasa sa nym ni mitsui..ang basa ko kasi sa simula eh mit-su or mit-suy hihihi peace author...
The trailer made me want to read it so bad. But I can't understand a single word. Besides the few words in English. You keep saying you won't translate. But will you let someone who can do it?
PLEASE TRANSLATE!!!(ENGLISH). Loved the trailer thought it was an actual drama, till I saw that some of the scenes were from "Shut Up Flower Boy Band". But still it was GREAT!