Marrying Mr. Arrogant

"Are you interested in me?" Mitsui suddenly said. I stared back at him. "I am doing this, not because I like you, but because your mom asked me to marry you." "Alright. Then, let me just warn you. Don't ever dare fall for me." he arrogantly told me. "Don't worry, I never give permanent feelings to a temporary person." I sarcastically said to him, knowing that eventually our marriage will end in divorce. - Fr0zenFire
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Oh my GoshH!! Kinilig tlga ako nung nandun ung name ng ni MYUNGSOO!! ung tatay ni Lei khit hndi nmn tlga..!! thankz Ashley sinabi mu ung name nya..!! ♥
WTF ?? Kala Ko Pa Naman Scholar Siya Kaya Naka Pag Aral Dun.. -_- Yung Pala Professor ... >.<
Yiiieeee.. Mukang Maganda To.!!!! :"> xD

Thankiee! Nice work! Inspired!
Waaah I thought student din siya @#$/^&*() hindi pala, kung hindi siya ay batang professor :)
MMMMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Akala ko estudyante sya, Haha! Teacher pala, naloka ako dun ah XD Pero shemay, ang gwapo ni Mitsui ♥

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