Hunt me down

Tracie is running, running from the the unknown and dangerous. She doesn't know who they are, or what they want. All she knows is there chasing her...and are willing to go to any lengths to catch her. They know all her deepest secrets, and observe her lifestyle dawn-to-dusk. They have satellites motoring her every move, cameras set up everywhere watching where she'll run to next, and even had undercover agents trying to gain her trust, acting like normal high school newbies. It all started after her ex boyfriend mysteriously disappears, leaving her with a important piece of evidence for a string of unsolved Disappearances...And if she doesn't solve this mystery just in time...she could be next.
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@Hide_and_seek  yes :'( BUUUUT u can make it up to ur fans! :D update soon with a seriously awesome chapter preferably longish but no pressure ;D
hi i like your story its really nice and different and i hope you wont fell lonely anymore. i can be your friend:-)
OMG nooo they killed Alec =((. Add more!! I have a feeling this MIGHT be supernatural...
Please upload soon, p.s this story kind of reminds me of a pirates kiss...and spies, guys and guns! CONTINUE PLEASE!

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