Sex Slave

RE-UPLOADED !!! Description ~ Stacy is locked in a room with no windows. The room is sound proof. She is used by man who want to have sex. Yes, as you may call her a 'Sex Slave'. Her parents didn't care about her but she was amazingly hot and beautiful. They decided it wouldn't hurt if they got a little extra money from her. She disagreed but her opinion didn't count. But what happens when her first 5 clients are some sex gods that left her wanting more. But only one really got through her. She desired him the most. Will she ever find him again? Or will she be stuck to with the rest of the 'Horny Bastards' ? The only thing he remembered about him was his dark brown hair and his blue/green eyes. She was going to use that information as a guide. She was determined to find him. __________________________ Ok, my friend and I came up with this story she is helping me write it. ;) So don't read If you don't like RATED R stories. OK. Who is the Sex God ? I want at least 5 votes to continue the story ! And at least 1 comment ! please ok. Maybe I'll continue it... Please don't Read if you can't handle it! I don't want it deleted again!!!
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In the end, I'm just like laughing cuz you're just like "I know, sex in the first chapter ???" But really good story! Already hooked!
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Love it sex scenes are so good maby when she takes a shower though her mum or dad could send in a guy
You horny hitches!!!! Jk but I was scrolling and saw this, it's perverted and stuff, but besides that, I like it!!!! she really listening to Justin Beiber? Justin Beieber....OF ALL PEOPEL!

But putting that aside its a really good story....nice imagination.
it's sooo good! im in love with the plot and the way you're an amazing author!!!! keep writinggg!!!! ^_^

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