Secret Diaries (Heartlake Cliche #1)

Everyone has secrets. Rachelle Harlow is Heartlake City’s favorite playgirl. She’s got that seductive, sweet smile that has melted the hearts of all her nine ex-boyfriends. She has the city on her hands and dozens of boys worship every page and video that has her face on it. What everybody doesn’t know is that deep in the shadows of her past is a dark, painful secret that could ruin her perfect life when resurrected. The only other person who knows everything that has happened is her best friend from childhood, Nick Cleveland. He has always been protective of her and has sworn to keep Rachelle’s secret to the grave. Hiding his true feelings from her, he watched Rachelle jump from one relationship to another for fear that he might lose her completely if he said anything. With a shy, quiet girl for a new friend, a rival coming back to town, and the arrival of Heartlake City’s newest heartthrob, the remaining days of Rachelle and Nick’s senior year in St. James Academy are about to become even more exciting than the pages of her secret diaries. ********************** The first cover had been from where this story has first been publicized. You can't see it because I couldn't find the file anymore. Sorry! The second one was something I created from a photo I found via Google Images. And I just found out that the photographer for the photo is Tommaso Nervegna. I don't own it at all. =) The third cover is a photo by my best friend, Kathy Nobleza. =) The fourth and current cover is by @prisonerscinema =) The previous covers are at the side, in a photobucket slide. So which cover do you think works best? Currently editing. Yay! I've decided to change the title because I figured, since I really want the Heartlake books to be different from the other stories. =)
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I really lie how the story begins with journal entries. It's very original. Love it :)
I really liked this! It doesn't seem super cliche and it sounds really cool! I'll definitely be reading on :)
A few errors but nothing that a little editing can't fix.  Aside from that, it's totally a great story!  Keep up the great work!

OWCH? Thats reallys sad, at least she has a heart, Lovely story! I'll keep reading!
Rachelle's a play girl huh? hahah this was awesome to read. I feel bad for Jake but hey things happen ^^. Im interesting in knowing more!
play girls are fun stories to read ... the start of this was beautiful 

well done ... great writing skills

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