Daron's Guitar Chronicles

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Daron’s Guitar Chronicles tells the story of Daron Marks, a young gay guitar player, from about the time he was eighteen onward. He arrives at RIMCon (Rhode Island Musical Conservatory) in the mid-1980s, desperate to leave behind a dysfunctional family in New Jersey’s suburbs and discover himself. It’s the advent of MTV, AIDS, and punk versus metal, all of which will affect his journey searching for fame, artistic expression, and the courage to seek out the sex and love he needs. Daron struggles with staying in the closet as much as he struggles to get his music heard. 

Daron’s Guitar Chronicles is a "bildungsroman," which is a fancy word for a novel where the coming of age process is long and gradual. It runs as a web serial at http://daron.ceciliatan.com -- I'm gradually adding chapters here at Wattpad but there will always be more at the website, as well as extras like liner notes, song lyrics, art, plus Daron replies to comments left for him on the chapters there.

Content Warning
The story you are about to read is intended for mature readers due to its sexual content and language. It may not be appropriate for all audiences. Please read at your own discretion.
All I could think at the beginning is, get used to the makeup, Daron. ;)
Yay, re-read! So how exactly is this supposed to be working? Is it a chapter a day or something?

That being said, wow, Daron really has no backbone in the beginning, does he?
Love this book! I feel like I'm hanging out waiting for the show to start... and I'm ready to "hear" Daron play!
I downloaded this on my iPad on Kobe this ebook reading thing and I love it!