You rejected me

'We're not mates' was all he said be walking away with Rachel in his arms. My mate just rejected me. All because he thought I was a slut and a loser. The pain is too much. I have to leave. NOW! No one wants me. I wanna die! ******************************************************************************************* Meet Kiya Walker, she's 16 years. Since her parents we're killed in an attack, she's been bullied her whole life by her pack and even worst her older brothers but now that her mate Jaxson Evans who is her brother Bart's best friend and her soon to be alpha rejects her, she wants to die. She's sick of it all and ends her life. But what happens when Jaxson realizes he wants Kiya and its too late. Will the moon goddess let her live and give Jaxson a second chance? Will Kiya find a second mate? What happens when her parents who are meant to be dead walk back into her life? Read and see what happens next
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That was intense, I don't even know what to say. Its an awesome start cant wait to read more!! Nice job!! :D

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