To End a War

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_ShadowSheWolf By _ShadowSheWolf Updated 2 years ago
The war was bad enough. The two rival shifter Packs fighting for centuries on end, but when that may come to a halt, the sole beings who can do that might not want to. What happens when the princess and prince of the rival Packs are supposed to marry each other? She rebels against the fighting, but wishes to not love him. He relishes in the battles, but finds himself falling for her. The Sun and Moon heirs may come together, resulting in an eclipse, or the fighting may continue for all eternity.
thesilentshadow thesilentshadow 2 years ago
I saw d last update was long long back is d story in process or we in a disappointment??
MrKapre MrKapre 2 years ago
Surprisingly good, I have to say. Grammar is flawless like a professional work. This is my first read by the way. Better yet, I gotta start reading the 2nd chapter :)
mae96lit mae96lit 2 years ago
I love it, I had to stop reading just to comment, I like it so much and i usually just keep reading until I have to wait on an update so yea. I totally love the first chapter.
TwinsRenz TwinsRenz 3 years ago
It took awhile before I could get started on reading the story, let me first off say that the writing itself was enjoyable. The beginning really captures a reader into wanting to read more. all in all good story !!
LaurenDsilva LaurenDsilva 3 years ago
Impressive beginning. I find myself curious as to what will happen to her. I'm not a great fan of arranged-marriage stories, but I adore it already. -le skips to chapter two-
Infatuated Infatuated 3 years ago
Your imagrey was shocking and I loved your conceptional ideas of love. Adding to my mobile library!