Finally...Your mine. <3 (NarutoxHinata love story)

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Cali <3 By Cali <3 Updated 3 years ago
What happens when Naruto see's Hinata naked? It is forbidden for a girl in the Hyuga family to be seen by someone that isnt her husband! So...What will happen!?
Thanxxxx for writing this story ..... This is amazing story .......
oh yeah!!!!
 that's. it!!'
boom she hit the ultimate jackpot.....pleasure here she comes♡♡♥♡♥♡♡
Oh God!!! This is the best! I want more chapters! MOREEEEE!!!
Hinta is finally getting he person she always
Wanted. Good story
Rofl without kiba's snitching there would be no NaruHina...
Ty kiba!
Lol cute story Naruhina 4evaaa
(Omg it feels like I'm cheating sasuhina :((( )