Finally...Your mine. <3 (NarutoxHinata love story)

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Cali <3 By Wishes Updated 4 years ago
What happens when Naruto see's Hinata naked? It is forbidden for a girl in the Hyuga family to be seen by someone that isnt her husband! So...What will happen!?
since when do 13 year olds need...That kind of "privacy". ...HINATA'S DAD YOU PERV!
Crap that's scary if that was me I probably would have pissed myself
Thanxxxx for writing this story ..... This is amazing story .......
oh yeah!!!!
                                     that's. it!!'
                                    boom she hit the ultimate jackpot.....pleasure here she comes♡♡♥♡♥♡♡
he's 13 so i would say first season, I think he is 16 or 17 in ship
Good story. Really really good naruhina. Now i can't stop reading. They are my favorite couple