The Words Worlds Poetry P. Zero:Its the First words From NicolletteNikki Enjoy!

This is basically all the poetry I have uploaded when I first joined onto wattpad. Its compiled into this simple group and I hope you enjoy it and the many, many mistakes in them because I am very bad at proof reading and you don't have to tell me.. I already know.. Anyways please enjoy the many worlds I bring you into with my words.. Bye! Also check out the lovely art and music.. If you can.. Seriously bye!
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@nicollettenikki : i like it ...very original ^_^ can u plz read my poem too late and tell me what u think :)
@nicollettenikki : ok lol ... but this one was nice too .... i'll go check them out as well :) you seem to have written a lot of poems! 
@nicollettenikki: oh yeah u are!! oh and i got it!! i hope you get mine!!lol!! oh and i know how to play chess!! lol!!
I've never learned to play chess, I've tried a few times but it seems wa to confusing, I've allways thought I would like it though.(: great poem.(:
It was more like a story than allot of your poems so that was really cool.(: hard to pick a fave part because there's so many awesome parts!(:
@nicollettenikki: Good. I usually don't have to think to get what people are writing. :D 

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