The Words Worlds Poetry P. Zero:Its the First words From NicolletteNikki Enjoy!

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nicollettenikki By nicollettenikki Updated 4 years ago
This is basically all the poetry I have uploaded when I first joined onto wattpad. Its compiled into this simple group and I hope you enjoy it and the many, many mistakes in them because I am very bad at proof reading and you don't have to tell me.. I already know.. Anyways please enjoy the many worlds I bring you into with my words.. Bye! Also check out the lovely art and music.. If you can.. Seriously bye! 
SoulLoyal SoulLoyal 3 months ago
I imagined myself flying the whole time, a very nice poem, thank you.
Forsaken_Angels Forsaken_Angels 5 years ago
@nicollettenikki definitely worth reading. i'm so glad i read it. its quite interesting as well as inspiring. I could picture everything u were saying in it. u are indeed a great writer. 
newbishop33 newbishop33 5 years ago
Very cool poem, hard to pick faves as its all well put together :)
Lampshade37 Lampshade37 5 years ago
It was more like a story than allot of your poems so that was really cool.(: hard to pick a fave part because there's so many awesome parts!(:
Stargazing Stargazing 5 years ago
wow i really like this...favorite parts...
 We go low and high 
almost reaching and never touching 
all at the same time.


The wind tickles my ear's once more. 
It whispers "Take flight for another day because today was taken 
by midnight...."
SevenHart SevenHart 5 years ago
@nicollettenikki: Good. I usually don't have to think to get what people are writing. :D