Hearts Will Sacrifice (An Andy Six Love Story)

Marnie Collins lives where every girl wishes she lived. With Andy Biersack. They're best friends and nothing could change that. Or could something? Like Marnie's crush on him? But, is Andy who she's meant to be with? Andy loves Marnie, she's like his perfect little sister. Not that he thinks of her that way. They're friends, right? Ashley is Marnie's Very Best Friend, inseperatable. They have no secrets, or do they? Ashley's got a secret alright, he'd never tell anyone that he's in love, especially Marnie. What could go wrong?
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Adding this to my phone so i can read it(: <3 it so far but im only on the scond page:/
OMG!! Me and my friends use otay 
And we also say bo bo when we see each other and my boyfriend gage says that were so stuipd for using bo bo

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